Natalia Zvereva

Natalia Zvereva

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Dabin Lee

Dabin Lee

Dabin Lee is very pretty, her aura wakes me up from my dreamless sleepiness, she opens her dream diary.

Next (F9), what is it about ?

Next (F9) is a literary project created in the context of Mapuetos chronicles. a series of writings by the belgian writer Patrick Lowie putting into action the handwritten pages by protagonist Marceau Ivréa. Next (F9) publishes monthly on this site since 2016 Oneiric portraits of personalities from all walks of life. There is also a french version available (the original language of the material) as well as brazilian portuguese, italian end english versions.

The concept is pretty simple; 4 to 6 portraits are written each month. Portraits shedding light on personalities from all origins and always appearing alternately as a portrait of a man and a portrait of a woman. The idea is to create a very special dreamlike universe. We are neither applying a journalistic approach nor making a bland presentation, we are in a dream.

One more specification, this portrait is an oneiric portrait, thus it is only a portrait inspired by a dream and pure imagination. Consequently, the story being told is not real.

The choice of personalities is left at the sole discretion of Patrick Lowie. He contacts them privately and asks them for their approval to draw their «portrait ». Furthermore, he asks them to release their picture free of copyright, and to tell him briefly of a dream that left a strong imprint on their psyche, happening while being asleep of course! If you wish to have your portrait made personally by Patrick Lowie, contact us via email on

Fabulous portraits, totally charged with a sense of humor and benevolent tenderness, with also a glimpse of discrete cruelty.
Aliette Guibert-Certhoux, founder of Critical Secret

Patrick Lowie draws a portrait like one reads tarot cards, he dislocates the components of reality by reading through the subtle creases of the invisible, deciphering the scenography of human impulses and their spiritual tribes.
Véronique Bergen, philosopher